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At present the Hobby I do most often is Amateur "HAM" Radio. First Liscensed in December 1987 as a Novice with it's entry level priveledges. I upgraded to a General Class liscense in 1992. 10 Meters is my favorite band, even after all these years.

     I am retired from the Auto Recycling, and Emergency Towing industries after a 40 + Years career.  I sure miss it though.

     I've spent nearly ALL of my life involved in Auto Racing mostly Circle Track Racing on both "Dirt" & "Pavement". July of 2007 was my 50th Anniversary of , Racing involvement mostly on the West Coast, and 11 Western States. During that time I've ran very nearly ALL classes of Circle Track Race Cars at one time or another whether on West Coast or 11 western states or a little bit in Southeast, Northeast, and Midwest. My favorite venue is "Dirt" Tracks. Of course I've not driven every year and have been a spectator (watching Dad race), and helping him build, repair, and maintain his cars, been a Pit Crewman for several people. Have been a builder, car owner and Driver (on my own & for others). Have sponsored too many to count with used parts from the wrecking yards, and $$$ now and then for some.

   I am not really my favorite topic so not much more to say about myself here. Some of my Favorite sayings, and Poems are as follows;


No driver wins a Championship on their own!

Every Race is a Team effort. Sponsers create the Car, provide finances, and drum up publicity. A Crew Chief studies the overall situation and gives directions. The Pit Crew fuels the car and changes worn tires. A spotter prevents collisions by warning the Driver of impending disasters.

     LIFE is actually a Team effort. With Jesus as our Sponsor, Creator, Chief, and Spotter, we'll know which turns to make and what pitfalls to avoid. Only the one who made us knows what is best for us. And only HE can steer us to the Finish Line and onward to Victory Lane!


The Man Who Dares

   The man who decides what he wants to achieve, and works till all his dreams come true,

     The man who will alter his course when he must And bravely begin something New,

     The man who's determined to make his world better,

Who's willing to learn and to lead,

     The man who keeps trying and doing his best Is the man who knows how to succeed.


The essence of compassion

     " Resolve to be tender with the young, Compasionate with the aged, Sympathetic with the striving, And tolerant with the weak and weary,Because sometime in your life, You will have been all of these."


Consistency beats the occasional flash of brilliance. 







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